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    Hello, beauties! Welcome to #CourtChats. Each week on Snapchat I talk about beauty prodcuts, why I love them, how I use them etc. If you don’t catch the snap within 24 hours they are always featured here, on my blog, with full reviews and links to the products I review.

    Dior Ultra-Gloss

    Omg y’all, I discovered these glosses while strolling Sephora today and fell in love! They’re really glossy, super hydrating, have the perfect amount of pigmentation and aren’t sticky AT ALL. Such a gem! I haven’t tested their plump abilities yet, but I can defiantly keep you posted on that. I’m also a huge fan of the ‘Addict’ Lip Maximizer, so good. I used that one in my last tutorial, if you want to see it in action.

    Pink shade – “Tell Me Dior”
    Peachy/Coral – “Spring Ball”

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