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How To Cover Dark Circles Like a Pro


I share this pretty frequently, but if you’re new around here you may not know (because I do a good job of covering them, lol) but I have really dark under eye circles. They’re completely hereditary, so no matter how much sleep I get, nothing helps. I spent many years (ahem, my high school and college days) being unhappy with them and while I of course wish they’d magically disappear, I have figured out the next best thing: HOW TO COVER THEM FLAWLESSLY. After many, many years and failed attempts wasting money on concealers that didn’t cover and powders that made me look 500 years old, I have found and perfected the routine that works for me.

Before we hop into my 4 step process, I want to emphasize them importance of a damp beauty blender! Take your beauty blender and run it under water, squeeze it in and out until it really expands. Squeeze out all the extra water with your hands and then wrap it in a hand towel and give it one more squeeze. It should be expanded and damp, not wet or dry. If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, Loreal makes a great sponge as well.

Best Drugstore Concealer: Maybelline Age Rewind, I like shade “light fair” for a bright under eye.

Step 4.

I wanted to give a few options as far as powder goes as everyones needs one and budget are a bit different! I highly recommend all three.