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The pieces I would consider must-haves in my closet are usually basics. They’re the ones that I mix and match a million ways, throw on with other basics, trendy pieces and end up reaching for the most. The white tee, denim, high wasted shorts, leather jacket…you get it. Sitting pretty in my top 10 is a great denim jacket.

I’ve been working on this post for WEEKS now, because I wanted to include all options for y’all. There are so many ideas that still haven’t made it in yet (this jumpsuit and this dress would be so cute topped with denim), but I finally had to tell myself to just put it up and add too it later! As I wear my denim more and more, I’ll continue snapping pics to throw in here for continued inspo.

I love being a resource for you guys, so I wanted to put together a post with a bunch of denim jacket styling ideas with my personal favorites. If you don’t already have one (I recommend and classic wash and a light), these are my “it list”, because let’s face it, not all denim jackets are created equal. I’ve tried on countless that didn’t meet the mark. I’ve found a lot to either be too boxy, too tight in the arms, a weird wash, low quality, or way to pricey. The three featured in today’s post are all amazing quality, a great wash and spot on fit.

Denim Jacket. Top. Jeans.

Top. Denim Jacket. Jeans.

Tee. Denim Jacket. Shorts. Shoes. Bag.

Top. Leggings. Denim Jacket. Shoes. Bag.

shorts. tee. denim jacket. shoes. bandana.

jeans. tee. denim jacket. shoes (similar).

sweater. denim jacket. pants. shoes. glasses.

dress. denim jacket. shoes (similar).

tee. denim jacket. jeans. shoes.

top. denim jacket. jeans. booties.

tee. denim jacket. pants. shoes.

sweater. denim jacket. jeans. shoes (similar).

leggings. tee. denim jacket. sneakers.

sweatshirt. denim jacket. leggings. shoes.

white denim. tee. denim jacket. booties.

Favorite Denim Jackets