Hello beauties! My name is Courtney Shields. I am 28 years old and married to my blonder half, Alex! We live in Austin, TX with our two pups, Berklee (our goldendoodle) and Chase (our german shepard).

I’m the one all my friends call when they’re standing in Sephora – you know who you are ;)! I’ve always had a knack for all things beauty, hair and style. I started my blog in January of 2014 as a place that I could come and share the things I love. Bring Your Own Beauty is all about feeling like the best version of yourself. Here on my site, I share my personal style, beauty favorites and reviews, hair tips and tricks, the occasional home decor, date nights and everything inbetween. I hope my little corner of the world inspires you. We’re all one big family here, so stay awhile. I hope you enjoy and thank you so much for reading and following along!

Frequently Asked Questions

what do you use to curl your hair?

I use the T3 Wand!

Do you wear extensions?

Nope :)

What’s your nationality?

I'm 75% Lebanese and 25% English, Irish and Scottish.

How long have you and alex been married?

We got married in May 24, 2014

How tall are you?


Who takes your pictures?

My husband, Alex.

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